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It's Rock 'n Roll at the Kokomo
Commemorating the KING OF ROCK 'N ROLL presented by the Piano Poundin, Rhythm Rockin, Bass Kickin, award-winning Rock 'n Roll Swing of
The Female Artist of the Year has had 5 - #1 hits and was tagged the Queen of Swing by the Rock 'n Roll legend Carl "Blue Suede Shoes" Perkins after headlining with him. Already known for her unique rockin' and SWINGIN' Piano style other rockers; Mr. Action, Roy Moss and Groovey Joe Poovey had already tagged her the

Queen. Kelli has received 4 & 5 star reviews from around the world with write-ups in French Magazines: "Sur La Route de Memphis" and "Le Cri de Coyote". Showcasing CD's: Swing-a-Billy, Honky Tonk Swing, Rock-a-Billy U.S.A., Mo' Swing 2021, Swing 'n Blues


It’s the Roarin’ 20’s
at the Kokomo Theatre "Speak Easy" every Saturday night February 2020 at 7pm when the Queen of Swing™  Kelli Grant takes the stage performing her original musical revue,  "Jazzin’ Things UP!". Kelli takes the audience on a cross country trip to discover the wonderful world and history of Jazz. Thru her music and career you’ll hear the music, meet its creators and legendary performers that made it apart of our musical heritage. Kelli's "Swing 'n Blues" CD was in consideration for "Best Jazz Album"

receiving a Henri Woode industry nod for her rendition of Earl Hines "Rosetta". Complete discography of her music and career is on AllMusic.com. Other CD's showcased "Softer Side of Swing" Grammy voting list for "Best Traditional Pop Album" and "Swing-a-Billy which has had 4 - #1 hit singles independent Blues/Jazz charts. Valentines Day date with wonderful covers by Frank, Dean, Sammy and more ...


"Girls Doo It Too!"
a tribute show written by the Queen about some of the Queen's in the music industry: Queen of Rock 'n Roll, a songwriting Queen who was actual a King, an Alien Queen, a Queen Mother, a Voodoo Queen, a Motown Queen, Torch Singing Queen, the MGM Musical Queen and a special tribute to a Counrty Queen, the Divine Ms. Cline...
March is National Women's Month and the Queen of Swing salutes some of these women in song ...


"Swing Me Back to Texas"

Being from Texas, Kelli salutes her Texas heritage in this wonderful show of Western or TEXAS Swing as she showcases her awards and CD’s: Swing Like That, Swings & Sings, Don’t Mess With Texas and Swing ‘n Blues. The song, "Swing Me Back to Texas" was a #4 hit for the Queen of Swing which she turned into a musical production about Texas Swing and its creator, the King of Western Swing Bob Wills and "His Texas Playboys". The musical revue takes

the audience on the road with the Former Texas Playboys telling wonderful stories and little known facts of what it was like to work, record and perform with the King of Western Swing, Bob Wills as conveyed to her by "the boys who made noise that’s known as Western Swing" a line from the song. Kelli scored a #1 International hit with her original, "Don't Mess with Texas". To our knowledge, Kelli is the first artist, only artist at that time to be under contract with TxDot which gave her permission to use their logo for marketing the CD, "Don't Mess With Texas". The song was on over 200 stations inTexas, was in the top 10 in Australia and final #1 on International charts. RMA Artist of the Year Nominee, 2 Time Female Artist of the Year Nominee, #1 hit, 4 top10 singles, Texas State Musician Nominee


The outdoor theatre will officially open with it's "Concert Under the Stars" - "a drive-in theatre without the cars". The design and developement of the theatre is by the award-winning, International Recording Artist, Kelli Grant. Kelli had owned the property for many years with its primary function being rental property. In 2017, she returned to east Texas from Las Vegas where she had been performing at the Majestik Theatre and 3 years prior to that in Branson. The building and property were in shambles and the disappointment was almost overwhelming. She needed to make repairs and take care of the property which is her 401k or IRA as to others. As she began making repairs an idea came to her. At first it was the small. intimate indoor theatre but then she noticed the natural landscape behind the theatre was perfect for an amphitheatre. Her financee just happened to be in construction. With his help, she designed the OUTDOOR theatre. The idea was and is very unique and an amazingly enjoyable venue for both the audience and entertainer. The back porch was adapted to a stage. The level half acre immediately behind the theatre and the terracing of a hill beyond that created a huge gallery area capable of handling 3 to 400 spectators. She added a dance floor with sparkling fairy lights around it and the results are a wonderful romantic experience of dancing under the moon and stars. We have some beautiful evenings here in east Texas.
The idea, concept, "a drive-in theatre without the cars" with a nostaglic "Music & Movie" format. After the concert the spectators can sit back in their lawnchairs and watch a FREE MOVIE of comedy, Sci-Fi classics, musicals, film noir ...
it's one of the most unique and entertaining venues anywhere and the Queen of Swing has performed just about everywhere: concert halls, casinos, theatres, festivals, etc  ...
it is so much fun. I LOVE IT!!
We think you will agree. Oh, we also have a "Snack Bar" like the old drive-in movie theatres with: Hotdogs, Candy, Popcorn, Chips, Frito Pie, Soda, Water and their signature Kokomoat Float (ice cream float with a twist) ...  
Come join the FUN. A Branson Style Theatre with a former Branson Entertainer who has scored 4 - #1 hits, won Female Artist of the Year, a RMA Artist of the Year Nominee, a Texas State Musician Nominee. She is in the  World Who's Who Jazz Cabaret Singers (Federation of American Musicians, NY) and a recepient of a Billbard Songwriters "Honorable Mention".... Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing.


Rock 'n Roll 50's & 60's showcasing Kelli's CD’s: Swing-a-Billy, Honky Tonk Swing, Mo’ Swing 2020, Rock-a-Billy U.S.A.
"Swing Doo RocK" Fasten your seat belts girls and boys as it might get a little bumpy when this Piano Poundin’, Rhythm Rockin’, Bass Kickin’ showman honors the 50's piano rockers; Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Ray Charles. And of course thru the evolution of Swing to a musical revolution called Rock ‘n Roll, the KING's of Rock 'n Roll Swing: Elvis, Bill Haley & the Comets. Comb your ducktails guys and grab your poodle skirts girls ... Family fun and live entertainment with your Gate pass at the Kokomo Theatre ...

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