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Kelli Grant

Live from Las Vegas! and Branson, MO. Three Star Promotions is very proud to present FEMALE ARTIST OF THE YEAR,
Kelli Grant, the Queen of Swing™ an award-winning multi-talented artist.

In a musical dialogue of how "swing is swung" Kelli performs a variety of shows based on her award-winning career. Showcasing her 11 CD's she has on the market which have received 4 & 5 Star reviews from around the world with French music critic, Bernard Boyat exclaiming her music, "superbes".she performs your favorite hit's along with a few originals. She is an original artist who has won and received many accolades including
5 - #1 hit's on international and independent charts.

"Girls Doo It Too!" is a tribute show written by the Queen about some of the Queen's in the music industry: the Queen of Rock 'n Roll,
a songwriting Queen who was actual was a King, an alien Queen, the MGM musical Queen, the Queen Mother, a Princess cause her
father was a King and many more with funny stories to go along with the musical dialogue.

"Swing Doo Rock" focuses on the music of the 50's & 60's and began with the original artist who scored the hits. Although they're still available, she normally performs the show herself since she has recorded so many songs from that era. Because she plays piano she honors the piano poundin' 50's rockers; Jerry Lee Lewis, Fats Domino, Ray Charles. And of course thru the evolution of Swing to Rock ‘n Roll, the KING's of Rock ' n Roll Swing: Elvis & Bill Haley ...

Another one of Kelli’s shows that your clients or customers may enjoy is, "Swing Me Back to Texas". Being from Texas, Kelli salutes her Texas heritage in this wonderful show of Western or TEXAS Swing. Sanctioned by Txdot, she wrote and recorded and had a #1 international hit on, "Don't Mess With Texas" which featured former Texas Playboys. To our knowledge, Kelli is the only woman to ever front the Bob Wills former band members. However, she did NOT work with Bob Wills nor Tommy Duncan however, she did with Bob’s baby brother, Luke and Tommy Duncan's baby brother, Glynn

Please visit:

Please ask about her Branson, “Swingin’ Christmas Show” featuring favorite classic Christmas standards that Swing and Rock, It’s music you can dance to.

For several years now, Kelli has worked as a solo artist, playing all music LIVE on 2 keyboards utilizing an electric drummer. But she also has scored charts for a band.

Please contact us to schedule a show and date
. threestarpro@aol.com

Kelli won Female Artist of the Year, and is a 2 time Female Artist of the Year Nominee, she is also a RMA – Artist of the Year Nominee,
Texas State Musician Nominee, and is a Member of the New York World Who’s of Jazz Cabaret Singers
Federation of American Musicians). She is a Swing Hall of Fame Inductee and received a Billboard Songwriters "Honorable Mention" for her R&B
 (Blues) original, "The Way Love Use to Be".

The awards and nominations are a testament to her talents but there are some truly amazing facts about this lady that
we should point out to you immediately.

Her music is LIVE!!! That’s right … Every musical note you hear is LIVE!
     NO -

  • Toy keyboard that plays by itself

  • Computer – pre-recorded tracks that work off sounds in keyboard … NO WAY

  • Cell phone – pre-recorded tracks

  • Sequencer – recorder in keyboard

  • No Pre-recorded tracks of any kind

  • and … definitely NO Karaoke CD

NOPE, it is ALL Live and it is all Kelli. The music graduate utilizes 2 keyboards, playing the bass line in her left hand, which is
really where the excitement comes from and with her right hand she plays piano; rhythm and leads along with horn / string parts
on a 2 keyboard all while she is singing. This is not an easy feat.

The award winning Singer says, "you ain’t never heard anyone play piano like me." ;o)

However; just to be honest, we must confess that because Kelli is following the "BEAT", its evolution she needs a drummer.
She uses what is known in the industry as an electric drummer which is simply a glorified metronome. However; she can use a
live drummer if you prefer as well as a full band as she has musical scores for her music written by the music graduate.

The budget you need to work with is achievable with this "exceptional entertainer" as proclaimed by Marshall Regional Arts Director, Geraldine Mauthe.

Fans, Entertainment Directors, Agents exclaim …
Jean Bennett – original management for "The Platters" – Kelli is amazing, a triplet threat: Singer, Musician,
       Songwriter and she is funny and … very attractive.

Crowned "the Queen of Swing" by music legend Carl Perkins for the way she plays piano.

Texas Department of Transportation Director; "Great Voice and we love the song...."

8 th wonder of the world; her music is exciting and phenomenal; GREAT voice …. www.NumberOneMusic.com

The highly acclaimed Variety show which pays tribute to those who made the music swing is set in the 50’s musical style with
tributes to: Bill Haley; Louie Prima; Ray Charles; Chubby Checker; Dusty Springfield; Natalie Cole; Petula Clark; the Queen of
Rock ‘n Roll, Wanda Jackson; Mama Cass; Tennille and many more as well as the King and ol’ Blue Eyes…It’s the music everyone
loves and it will "get you up and off of your seat."

Kelli is available for Private Parties, Special & Cooperate events, Weddings … this is the perfect act for any occasion.
Please call: (702) 601-9427 or email

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